Does Twitter Work for Realtors?

Whether you’re a prolific tweeter or you’ve been dragging your feet about sharing updates in 140 characters or less, there’s a big question that looms over all of us: does Twitter work for Realtors®?Twitter for Realtors - Benchmark Realty Blog

The short answer: yes. But that doesn’t mean you should flood what’s come to be known as the Twitterverse with promotional messages about yourself and your business. You can use Twitter to your advantage, but you have to handle it like the powerful tool that it is.

Twitter “Best Practices” for Realtors

Twitter is a way for buyers and sellers to get to know you as a person, and that’s extremely beneficial because people want to work with people, not anonymous companies. For that reason alone, you want to make your Twitter feed interesting enough that people want to follow you. You can do that by:

  • Sharing interesting tweets about the area
  • Retweeting other locals’ tweets
  • Uploading your own images of points of interest

The key to Twitter is being social. If you have something valuable to share, such as a fun weekend event that’s being hosted by one of the towns in your service area, tweet about it and use a hashtag to encourage dialogue.

Following the 80-20 Rule on Twitter

For every two self-promotional posts you make on Twitter, you should do eight that are about other things. People don’t want to see a constant stream of advertisements about how wonderful you are; they want to learn about the area, discover hidden gems such as tucked-away restaurants and upcoming events. Don’t shy away from self-promotional posts, though – you need them to let people know you’re eager to work with them. Every once in a while, add something like “Ready to find your dream house in [town]? Call me!” Add a shortened link to your website’s contact page and you’re all set.

Benchmark Realty: We Give You the Freedom You Deserve

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The House that Never Sells

We’ve all seen it – a home sits on the market for a month. Then two months, then three… finally, the frustrated owners pull it and try again next year.

So what would you do if those owners asked you to list it? Could you help them sell it? Would you even try?The House that Never Sells- Benchamark Realty

Three Not-So-Secret Reasons a House Won’t Sell

You probably have a pretty good idea about why that particular house isn’t selling. Maybe the owners are unrealistically pricing the house, and they haven’t yet met a Realtor® who helped them understand the market.

Maybe it just doesn’t show well, and the owners don’t understand the fundamentals of home staging.

Perhaps their agent isn’t marketing the home correctly.

So what would you do differently?

Discussing Price Points with Your Clients

When a client has a particular price in mind, it’s often tough to get them to understand they might be in the wrong range. Calling out a professional appraiser and explaining the market conditions can go a long way – and if that doesn’t work, asking your clients to revisit their price if the home doesn’t sell within 30 days might be a good idea. Let them know that homebuyers comparison shop based largely on price, so that could lengthen the amount of time their home sits on the market.

Improving Appeal for Showings

If you’ve ever tried to gently explain to a client that their house doesn’t show well, you know how hard it is not to come off like you’re saying they have an ugly home. The best way? Say something like, “I recently read this piece about home staging, and it mentioned a couple of things that really might help move your house faster.” Then dive into some of the basics and, if you can, encourage them to bring in a professional.

Marketing: You Know What it Takes

As a Benchmark Realty agent, you have the training, tools and freedom you need to market a home successfully. Not a Benchmark agent yet? Let’s fix that. Call us at (615)371-1544 or contact us online. We’d love to talk about the opportunities we can offer you.

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How much do Real Estate Agents in Nashville Earn?

Think back to when you first started out in real estate. I am sure that earning potential was at the top of your list of reasons for choosing this field of employment. Many people enter into the career of real estate with dreams of financial freedom and early retirement. Easier said than done, right? Today’s typical real estate agent scenario is set up so that the broker reaps 20-30-40% of the efforts put forth by the agent. That might have been a good deal back when your broker was providing all your leads… before the internet. Today, almost every new client is brought in by the agent’s own efforts – through networking, referrals or marketing. Before the internet agents worked from a printed copy of the MLS, (it was like a big old phone book) searching block by block for just the right property.  Today listings can be searched, refined and accessed directly by your client via multiple interactive websites. Times have really changed. What you used to do by snail mail with your customers has transitioned to e-mail, texting, electronic signatures, and Facebook chats. The way you work your real estate business has evolved. Has your real estate compensation kept pace with that evolution? Or are you still tied to an antiquated broker commission split compensation model?

How much do Real Estate Agents Earn?

Take a look at this infographic by Point 2.

How Much Do Agents Make How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Now take a look at the potential of an agent under Benchmark Realty’s 100% commission model.

benchmark realty income infographic

Which one do you think will work better for you and your family in the long run? Which one do you think offers true financial freedom and that early retirement that you day-dreamed about from the early days of real estate? If you are ready to take the next steps and schedule a confidential conversation with us please fill out the form below or call Phillip Cantrell at 615-371-1544. 

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Huge Milestones & Big Awards

Last week, Benchmark Realty, LLC celebrated our 8- year anniversary. Our company was launched in 2006 in the front room of a house in downtown Franklin by CEO, Phillip Cantrell and his wife Amanda. Benchmark’s 100 % agent commission model swiftly struck a chord with frustrated agents in Middle Tennessee. Since our re-launch in 2008, we have quickly grown to 3 offices, Midtown Nashville, Cool Springs, and Murfreesboro attracting much attention along the way.

Benchmark Realty, LLC Milestone

Last week we achieved a huge milestone. We signed our 500th agent! That’s quite an accomplishment considering how picky we are. Our agents are thoroughly screened, with only 6 out of 10 potential candidates meeting our criteria. All Benchmark Agents have to be experienced (or be under the mentorship of an experienced agent) and must have a reputation of operating morally, ethically and legally. Being choosy doesn’t slow down quality growth though; we have already added 6 more agents just this week.

Benchmark Realty AWARDS

After 8 years of hard work building a new real estate brokerage from the ground up and then pausing mid-stream to reevaluate and start all over again with just 5 agents, it’s nice to be recognized as doing some things right. Benchmark Realty and many individual agents have had the honor of receiving several prestigious awards in the last few months. We are extremely proud of the work that our agents are doing and we all share equally in this recognition. Here is a short list of our recent awards:

  1. We were named for the second time as a BEST PLACES TO WORK by the Nashville Business Journal. We are extra proud of this award because this was based on feedback from the people who work here. From the NBJ website: “Employees of nominated companies were asked to complete an online survey conducted by Quantum Workplace. The employee survey measures 10 key engagement categories, including team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders and manager effectiveness. Responses from each question of each completed survey are compiled and evaluated. Companies are ranked and winners are chosen in each size category according to their overall composite score.” Wow.
  2. For the second year in a row we have been named Greater Nashville House Home and Garden’s- Favorite Real Estate Company. Benchmark Realty readers fav certificate
  3. Multiple builders have awarded us with their “Highest Volume” and “Top Office” designations.
  4. CEO, Phillip Cantrell was awarded WCAR’s highest honor by being named Realtor® of the Year for 2013.
  5. At the recent GNAR Awards of Excellence Gala, Agents Adam Helton and Trish Myatt both won Platinum Awards and Suzi Minor took home Lifetime Silver. Outstanding individual sales achievements.

We are serious business professionals. Are you looking for a broker that will help you reach your award-winning potential? We would love to talk to you. Please fill out the form below or call Phillip Cantrell at 615-371-1544 for a completely confidential discussion. 

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